Water source supply, development, and treatment including groundwater supply analyses, well siting, and licensing of water wells comprise some of the potable water supply services offered by SD Consulting Group. All SD water treatment systems are custom designed to deliver water quality and maximize water supply volume appropriate to the individual project and usage needs.  The right system design for one project might be a chlorination system with residual analyses tracking. For another, where poor quality groundwater or surface water is an issue, an advanced water treatment system utilizing ion exchange, reverse osmosis, or cartridge filters could be the optimal solution.


SD understands that the most challenging phase of the potable water supply system design process is the identification of the water sources.  We identify the potential for groundwater source development at the start of each project using a detailed desktop review of local groundwater wells and hydrogeological conditions. Then, the SD team assists in the installation of test wells, pump testing, and water quality analyses to determine the suitability and volume of the proposed groundwater source. These two steps are critical for assuring that each client gets the effective and reliable potable water supply system they need.

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