SD Consulting Group specializes in the design of wastewater collection, treatment, and disposal systems to serve remote or decentralized areas and communities in the US and Canada. Most of these locations are without the potential to connect to regional sewer lines. Our successful decentralized wastewater treatment system designs function under often atypical and challenging conditions and where preservation of the natural environment is key. SD wastewater designs include gravity systems, pressure or STEP sewers, and multiple treatment technologies such as fixed media treatment units, activated sludge package plants, lagoons, and constructed wetlands. Through an analysis of project conditions and a construction and life-cycle assessment, we recommend the technology and installation approach that will best serve the wastewater treatment project needs.


A guiding SD principal in the design of wastewater disposal systems is to return the treated water onsite or close to the point of origin for aquifer recharge. Soil disposal, wetland disposal, irrigation systems, and water reuse are some of the methods we employ to sustainably recycle water back into the environment. At SD, our experience in solving unique wastewater challenges for our clients includes cultivating positive relationships with regulators and a thorough understanding of each site’s natural environmental attributes.

Wastewater Projects

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